Our Approach

CEOP works to build a legacy of learners and leaders through a commitment to educational equity.

The RED department strives to work together with partners at each step of the research evaluation, and dissemination process to ensure program sustainability. Our goal is to engage stakeholders by using a utilization-focused evaluation approach during all evaluation planning and reporting activities, Patton 2008. This approach emphasizes the active involvement of stakeholders throughout the entire evaluation process. We intentionally build in training opportunities to equip stakeholders with the skills and resources needed to successfully navigate their evaluation process, and ultimately have the capacity to utilize the data that their programs produce.

We believe that program evaluation is only as valuable as it is useful to those participating in the service delivery. Our strategic dissemination procedures are grounded in participatory action research, emphasizing an action-oriented reporting structure, Kemmis & McTaggart, 2005. Ultimately, through collaboration with program staff, and community and institutional partners, our products inform educational access program best-practice, and serve as a framework for continued improvement. As part of this process, we work with each individual client to customize our reporting structures to meeting their unique organizational needs.