Evaluation Services-old

Evaluation Planning

The evaluation team uses an approach that emphasizes evaluation activities designed to engage and address the needs of stakeholders. The team works closely with stakeholders to understand their diverse information needs and to engage them in the evaluation. Evaluation planning activities include the development of questions, logic models, priority areas and strategies.

Instrument Design

Valid and reliable tools are essential for assessing program delivery and impact. The evaluation team has designed several tools specifically for educational opportunity programs, including a college knowledge survey for parents, a financial literacy assessment for students, an interview protocol for principals and a postsecondary follow-up survey.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis should be conducted and presented in a clear and informative way. All evaluation team members have doctoral-level training in statistical methods, including structural equations modeling, hierarchical linear modeling and factor analysis. Additionally, the team has extensive experience translating research findings into actionable data. Current reporting mechanisms include data dashboards, briefs, interactive visualizations, online tracking reports, student profiles and executive reports. Evaluation Team members work closely with clients to ensure that data analysis meets the information needs of their diverse stakeholders and is presented in a clear and timely fashion.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is an accountability system designed to help programs improve their outcomes. Optimal performance measurement involves establishing specific goals and objectives and monitoring progress toward those goals throughout the life of the program. The evaluation team has worked with several federally-funded programs, including GEAR UP, TRIO Upward Bound and 21st CCLC to develop research-based, locally-driven performance benchmarks. The team has also developed real-time monitoring systems and dashboards to facilitate easy review and tracking of performance data.

Effectiveness Research

Increasingly, educational opportunity programs are asked to conduct in-depth research to assess the effectiveness of their projects. There are several design options for effectiveness research, and the Evaluation Team has more than 10 years of experience working with programs to select the best methodology to meet their needs. All Evaluation Team members have master’s-level training in research methods and have implemented effectiveness studies from start to finish.