About Us

The Center for Educational Opportunity Programs is building a legacy of learners and leaders through a commitment to educational equity.

CEOP programs provide support for academic, financial, social, and career goals to students and families by partnering with Kansas school districts and communities in Douglas, Franklin, Leavenworth, Shawnee, Wyandotte counties, and serves communities throughout Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. Additionally, CEOP provides evaluation support to programs in Kansas and Tennessee.

The five bold steps to highlight the way CEOP works to support our mission:

  1. Pursue funding opportunities from state, federal, and private sector entities to support, enhance, and expand services to participants and to the growth of the Center.
  2. Advocate and improve visibility of programs by leveraging data through strategic dissemination.
  3. Share or expertise through trainings, symposia, and conference presentations.
  4. Develop and maintain partnerships to provide accessible, holistic, innovative programs.
  5. Model our expertise in social justice work.

CEOP is dedicated to enhancing lives across the many communities we serve, through a commitment to educational equity. We seek to accomplish this mission by prioritizing the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion while standing in solidarity with our Black students, Black colleagues, and those who are hurting after our country’s most recent acts of racism.

There is no easy or simplistic solution to the complex issues we face, yet CEOP is dedicated to using our privileges, education, and daily work to assist those in our communities who are faced with marginalization and maltreatment and pushing our diversity, equity, and inclusion work forward. 

Here is a message from CEOP to our colleagues, community, and partners.

The Achievement & Assessment Institute

CEOP is one of six centers housed within The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI) at the University of Kansas which exists to improve the performance of students, adults, and public agencies throughout local, state and national communities. AAI and its centers partner with numerous agencies to improve the lives of children and adults through academics, employment, career advancement and building healthy environments, as well as to enhance the capacity of organizations that help children, adults and communities succeed.

AAI was established in 2012 through the merger of the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation, established in 1983, and the Institute for Educational Research and Public Services, established in 1997. Both organizations have long track records of successfully building partnerships and programs that support the achievement of young children, school-aged children, adults, and publicly-funded agencies. In July 2013, AAI became one of 12 designated university research centers and institutions by KU’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Statement on addressing structural and systematic societal inequities

At the heart of our mission, the University of Kansas Achievement and Assessment Institute and the Center for Educational Opportunity Programs is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the many communities we serve. To this end, we commit to addressing the structural and systematic inequities that prevent marginalized populations from thriving. We strive to create a safe workplace where there is zero-tolerance for discrimination and harassment. We stand with Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Peoples, the LGBTQIA+ ​community, and all individuals who are marginalized or oppressed. We join the movement to make KU and the world around us a better place.