Research Services

We help grant-funded programs incorporate strong theory and empirically-grounded activities into their service delivery models. RED offers research services including literature reviews, survey design, predictive modeling, and quasi-experimental design studies.


A literature review is an investigation of the empirical research literature that outlines current knowledge and substantive findings related to service implementation and effectiveness.

Surveys are a powerful tool used to collect meaningful feedback from participants and can be used to assess change in participants’ knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions.

Predictive modeling is a multivariate statistical technique that can provide an understanding of the utility of key program components in predicting desired outcomes. These models can help program staff determine the optimal allocation of the program’s time and resources. 

The RED Department has extensive experience designing quasi-experimental research studies. We specialize in propensity-score matching techniques.

Research Staff

The Department has over 10 years of experience working with programs to select evidence-based practices and conduct in-depth research.

CEOP research staff have at least masters-level training in research methods and are certified in Group Design Standards. We adhere to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and all research requests will be reviewed by the University of Kansas’ Institutional Review Board for approval.
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