KU TRIO Training Program

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Training Program for Federal TRIO Programs: Absolute Priority #2

Training on budget management and the statutory and regulatory requirements for operation of projects funded under the Federal TRIO programs.

What is the KU TRIO Training Program?

The KU TRIO Training Program (KU TTP-2) is a professional development program utilizing a two-prong approach to empower TRIO professionals and institution/agency teams to successfully operate their TRIO grant. Trainees will gain the necessary knowledge on budget management and the statutory and regulatory requirements that govern TRIO programs and gain knowledge of Federal TRIO Programs.


All TRIO personnel, regardless of position or role within the program are eligible to register to attend either the virtual or on-site training. TRIO grantees should consider registering their institutional partners as well, which could also include grant administrators, budget specialists, and/or institutional leadership. Registration information will be updated below.

There are two unique training opportunities available through this grant:

TRIO Training Program Tracks

Virtual Team Trainings

  • Each year, 140 TRIO professionals and key institution/agency representatives will participate in Virtual TEAM Trainings designed to strengthen the internal partnerships, policies, and practices between TRIO professionals and their institution/agency representatives. This approach to training is designed to enhance organizational capacity building around internal controls and TRIO program management. Three trainings per year will be offered to include a series of online workshops that span two full days and will be offered at no cost to participants.

In-Person Trainings

  • Each year, 100 TRIO professionals will participate in on-site, In-PERSON Trainings designed to promote individual growth and development by increasing participants’ knowledge and understanding of TRIO budget management and program legislation and regulations. These trainings will also expand professional networks of support through mentoring and facilitated engagement with other TRIO colleagues. Two trainings per year will be offered and will span over a period of 2.5 days. Trainees will have their first night of their hotel cost covered by KU TTP-2, including most meals. 

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