Dissemination Services

We recognize the importance of strategically sharing stories, data, and program information to increase the visibility of educational access programs. To assist clients with this process, RED offers consultations and support on branding, graphic design, social media images, and strategic storytelling.

Dissemination Services

The RED Department is available to assist programs in creating a distinctive design and style that is clear, consistent, and professional to create an attachment to and loyalty for that program.

The RED Department is available to help programs implement high standards for all visual content to help project a strong, unified, organized, and professional appearance.

The RED Department can enhance your programs' digital footprint by helping to create engaging social media graphics for your program to post.  

The RED Department is available to use your program's stories to creating dynamic visuals that can be leveraged for websites, blogs, reports, and more.


The RED Department leverages many digital strategies to shine spotlights on program participants while improving the overall visibility of CEOP programs. One example is the CEOP blog.
A Latino student is sitting at a desk dressed up in a suit for an interview with RED director.