Message to the CEOP Community

At the heart of our mission, The University of Kansas Center for Educational Opportunity Programs (CEOP) is dedicated to enhancing lives across the many communities we serve, through a commitment to educational equity. CEOP seeks to accomplish this mission by prioritizing the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion while standing in solidarity with our Black students, Black colleagues, and those who are hurting after our country’s most recent acts of racism.

The recent protests across the country and in our communities highlight the stark realities of racial injustice at the hands of those who have pledged to protect and serve. They also highlight the commitment and bravery of our constituents who have willingly entered the fray in the name of justice. We have proudly observed our participants getting involved, making their voices heard, and speaking their truth.

We hear our students and communities when you tell us you are hurting and exhausted. We understand the frustration, confusion, and feelings of despair. Our hearts break with you as we confront the bitter realities of a culture that allows systemic racism, racial violence, and injustice to flourish. As the community refuses to be silent, however, we are encouraged and emboldened in our work toward an equitable society free of bias and discrimination.

CEOP is committed to addressing structural and systemic inequities that seek to prevent marginalized populations from thriving. We strive to create a safe space where there is zero-tolerance for discrimination and harassment of any type. We support individuals and communities engaged in direct action to protest police violence, systemic racism, and oppression.

There is no easy or simplistic solution to the complex issues we face, yet CEOP is dedicated to using our privileges, education, and daily work to assist those in our communities who are faced with marginalization and maltreatment and pushing our diversity, equity, and inclusion work forward.

CEOP is committed to having difficult and honest conversations, and will not tolerate injustice. We encourage you to review the recent message from the University of Kansas Chancellor outlining steps KU is taking to create change in the community, of which CEOP’s programs are a vital part.

We stand with you, fully prepared to listen, engage, and respond.

Dr. Ngondi Kamaṱuka, CEOP Director