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Antiracism in Data Management

A project in antiracism data management practices for local and national research and evaluation communities.

Student Research Symposium

Call For Proposals - Closes May 26th at 5pm CST
ARDM seeks 3 presenters with research projects that highlight applied research methods in the field of QuantCrit, or other critical inquiry utilizing large social datasets and quantitative methods.
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Fall ARDM Presentation

Fall 2023 presentation date and topic will be announced soon!

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2023 Webinar Series Annual Overview

The Antiracism in Data Management initiative hosted three workshops during 2023. In total, the series attracted 173 attendees, with 22 attending all 3 sessions. The following is a summary of the participant profile and event feedback from each session. Following the series summary, the report ends with a section outlining the initiative’s future plans.

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The CEOP Antiracism in Data Management initiative centers on antiracism as it relates to large social and educational datasets while also contributing to antiracism education within CEOP, the Achievement & Assessment Institute, and programs across the University of Kansas.

For programs and organizations that utilize large datasets to evaluate and serve racially marginalized populations across the country. it is imperative that researchers and evaluation staff are versed in current antiracist data management practices


The Center for Educational Opportunity Program’s Antiracism Work Group (CEOP ARWG) was established in June of 2020 as a response to the continued and public trauma endured by communities of color. Because approximately 50% of CEOP staff are white, the group began as an effort to stand in solidarity with colleagues and students of color, especially those served by CEOP's educational equity and support programs. Initially, the group stood as a place for staff to lean into discomfort and work on understanding how whiteness and systemic racism impacted programs' efforts and ability to best serve program participants.

Following months of meetings and a consultation with an antiracism educator, the group decided to move efforts into a localized approach to antiracism work within individual departments. For CEOP's Research, Evaluation & Dissemination Department, this meant engaging in continued education and action surrounding antiracism data management and analysis efforts.

CEOP Research, Evaluation & Dissemination

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