A banner featuring four photos. The photo on the left is a student and a professor working on a laptop. The next image is three students looking at a laptop. The third image is two students looking at a sheet of paper. The fourth image on the right is a student working on a laptop with another student looking at his computer screen. In the center of the graphic there is texts saying "NEED HELP WITH YOUR FAFSA? OUR ADVISORS ARE HERE TO ASSIST FOR FREE!"

Free FAFSA Assistance

CEOP is home to educational opportunity programs that provide support for academic, financial, social, and career goals to students and families including FAFSA help throughout Northeastern Kansas and the Kansas City Metro.

FAFSA Program Mission

The mission of the CEOP FAFSA program is to help increase the number of students in Northeastern Kansas and Kansas City Metro to complete the FAFSA before the start of the 2024-25 academic year.